The Emotional journey – Analysis: Destiny 2 Red War Campaign

The whole campaign of DESTINY 2: The Red War was also mapped out with the help of the Emotional Journey model. It really helped to have a guide while building up different elements, to make sure that we had a spine that was going somewhere.

SETUP – Who, What, Where. What we know from before that has led us here, now.
We are a Guardian. Cayde, Ikora and Zavala are the Vanguard. The City is attacked.
WANT – What do we want? Why are we here, now?ThereforeWe want to quickly go back to the city to know what is going on.
DRIVE – You are moving forward because you want to…ThereforeWe want to participate in the fight after discovering the City under attack
ENGAGE – Moving forward in the world, going after what we want.ThereforeWe land in the tower and help fighting back the Red Legion and to evacuate the Tower. The Traveler doesn’t do anything.
OBSTACLE – What is between us and what we wantButWe encounter our antagonist, Ghaul. Who takes away our Light. We lose contact with the Vanguard. We have to crawl out of the City and find a way to get back on our feet.
END OF ACT I REVEALButWe learn that Zavala is alive and is building a counteroffensive to get the City back.
DRIVE – You are moving forward because you want to…ThereforeWe want to participate in the counteroffensive with Zavala.
PLAN – We execute on what we decided to do, pushing through obstaclesThereforeWe leave Hawthorne and earth. We find Zavala and help him build up the resistance.
MID POINT – Twist, turn. Stakes raisedButWe discover that there is a bigger imminent threat, the Almighty
CHALLENGE – Biggest challenge so far.ThereforeZavala wants to deal with it right away, we can’t wait. We have to find Zavala’s fireteam, Cayde and Ikora.
SUCCESS – Short moment of success and encouragement, brief tension relief.ThereforeWe do find Cayde and Ikora, even take control of a Warmind.
BREAK REVEALButWe discover that the Almighty cannot be taken down by an army. Zavala’s plan needs to be stopped.
DRIVE – You are moving forward because you want to…ThereforeIkora wants to inform the other Vanguard of her discovery.
BREAK – Setback, criticism, crisis, defeat… things are badThereforeThe counteroffensive is useless. All is lost.
POST BREAK REVEALButThe is hope, maybe… if we can save the Traveler. Guardians could fight in the City while we disable the Almighty by ourselves. Hawthorne can help us get onto the Almighty.
DRIVE – You know what to do! You are moving forward because you want to…ThereforeWe will take down the Almighty’s weapon.
ASSAULT – Confrontation on the way towards the final obstacleThereforeWe storm the Red Legion’s base in EDZ, steal a ship, reach the Almighty and disable its weapon.
THEMATIC REVEAL – Thematic revelation
You don’t need Light to be a “guardian”, it’s what you do, not what you are.
CLASH– Final battle against the last obstacleThereforeWe participate in taking the City back, Go to the Traveler to destroy the cage.
RESOLUTION – We reached our goal, or we didn’tThereforeWe kill Ghaul. But he is immortal, so the Traveler has to wake up and destroy him.
DRIVE – You are moving forward because you want to…

NEW STATE – New status quo. We won, we lost, things are different now.ThereforeWe won, we’re at the new Tower, the Traveler is now awake, this is a new Golden Age.