Destiny 2 – Beyond Light

” This story is one of the strongest in the series,
mainly because Eramis is the first Destiny villain I’ve ever empathized with.”IGN

Narrative direction of the Release.
Story, Plot, Theme, Character Arcs, Lore, Collector Edition, Dialogue, Cinematics, NPC Vignettes.

Beyond Light is about obsession. Eramis’s obsession with the Traveler, Clovis Bray’s obsession with his legacy. Since Beyond Light introduces Stasis the first Darkness power, The challenge was to explain to players why they couldn’t use it before, and why they can do it now. There is a risk associated with wielding Stasis, a risk that Eramis will eventually discover.


“The most anticipated and morally interesting storyline Destiny 2 has ever delivered.”Gamesradar

“The Eramis storyline is one of the better told in-game stories this game has seen to date. “Forbes ’30 Things I Love About ‘Destiny 2: Beyond Light’