Destiny 2 – Shadowkeep

Narrative direction of the Narrative of the Release.
Story, Plot, Theme, Character Arcs, Lore, Collector Edition, Dialogue, Cinematics, NPC Vignettes.

Shadowkeep was all about nostalgia of Destiny 1 by bringing back the Moon and a beloved character, Eris Morn. What really inspired me was the opportunity to explore Eris’s trauma. I didn’t feel like she really finished her arc. Even more, what I wanted to explore is the idea that we don’t get over trauma. It’s something we live with forever, we only learn to accept it.

My favorite moment is when Eris is at her lowest point, haunted by the phantoms of her 5 team members. The cinematic portrait perfectly the time when she loses her grip. Later, the players will help her realize that their memory doesn’t need to be so painful.