Destiny 2 – Black Armory

Narrative direction of the Narrative of the Release.
Story, Plot, Theme, Character Arcs, Lore, Dialogue, Cinematics, NPC Vignettes.

Black Armory was the first of new Annual Pass beats. Instead of a DLC that drop all the content on Day 1, this annual pass content was providing a stream of content spread out over 3 months. It was a challenging project as we were asking players to change their expectations, and we worked with a partner studio on the other side of the country, Vicarious Visions. I helped set up a new vision on how narrative content can be experienced in this new framework and laid out a foundation for the rest of the year. We focused the story on one new character, Ada-1. The player helps her evolve from her oppressing respect of traditions to embracing change that progress brings.

Her origin story is explored in a touching lore book that I’ve developed in collaboration with Adam Miller and Gerry Duggan: The Black Armory Papers.