Ghost Recon – Future Soldier

Lead Design E3 / Level Designer Cinematic.
Narrative Design, Camera layout, in-game scripted events

I was first hired as a “Level designer cinematic.” The creative leadership wanted to have a strong narrative and great real time cutscenes. My focus was on scripting real time cinematics and In Game event in the Game Engine. I worked with Motion Builder to place the cameras and edit the cut scenes. There was no precise pipeline yet, so with the technical leads, I helped to set the pipeline and creating tools with engineers. After a few months, I was promoted to be in charge of the Map that would be shown at the 2010 E3.

I lead a team of 10 people (graphic, animation, level designer, game designer, sound designer), reporting directly to the creative director. My job was to create the best experience, while adhering to a strict deadline, and employing the talents of the whole team. I was in charge of planning the work for the team, setting deadlines and directing the design and art of the map, according to the creative director and producer direction. Every week, we had to present the map to the Chief creative officer of Ubisoft, Serge Hascoet.

We were really the first to discover technical issues, bugs, and new ideas that have been incorporated in the whole game afterwards. We had some failures, and some victory. It was hard to keep the team engaged during this hard time, but that’s where we all learn the most, and that’s where I do my best work!

Level Design Unfinished

I have actively participated in the design and directed the building of this map. Since it’s unpublished work, I have to limit access. If you want to watch it, you are welcome to email me.