Step 7 – Summary

GOAL:  Create documentation that can be easily shared to anybody
DELIVERABLES: Concept documentation

This final step is about creating documentation that can be shared with other teams.

I/ Concept

Write the concept page with a Title, a logline and the call to action,

  • Logline is one sentence, can be just a few words. something catchy that could be a marketing tagline.
  • The call to action would be the first thing that is being asked the player to do. Could be in cinematic. What is the thing that sends the player into action?

II/ One Pager

Write the Narrative One-pager with the Theme, Premise, Tone, and fantasy

  • Those are the key elements that are needed to have creative alignment with other teams.

III/ Outline

Translate the Causality chart to a simple outline of the story with key beats.

  • Structured in Three Acts
  • Encompasses all the main beats of the story, plot, and thematic.
  • As you can, identify what takes place in gameplay and what occurs via cinematic

IV/ Summary

Write a story summary in 1 page.

  • Told in Prose form
  • Includes key characters and their arcs, big themes, and plot framework
  • Should be a strong read that effectively pitches your story to first-time reader.