Step 1 – Get Ideas

GOAL: Explore the release’s core concept(s) via blue-sky brainstorming.
DELIVERABLES: Organized ideas list divided up into key sections: CHARACTER, PLOT, THEME.

I/ The big bang

Write down all ideas that are coming to mind about:

  • Critical events – potential major & minor plot points.
  • Action set-pieces!
  • Epic cinematic moments!
  • Jaw-dropping character reveals!
  • Unexpected twists!
  • Locations

II/ Look at your brainstorming ideas

  • What Themes start to emerge?
  • What Moral conflict starts to emerge?
  • Explore and identify potential options for your different key moments in the story.
  • What other types of characters exist in this world?
  • Go through the brainstorming list and organize it based on large bucket concepts such as CHARACTER, PLOT, and THEME.
  • Do not delete anything.